Wedding ‘ruined’ after neighbour starts mowing lawn just as bride walks down the aisle

A backyard wedding can offer a tranquil, intimate setting for a couple to say ‘I do’, and, in an ideal world, the only sounds would be gently swaying trees and romantic music.

Unfortunately for one loved-up couple, their vows were completely drowned out by an inconsiderate neighbour, who they claim began mowing her lawn just as the bride took her first steps down the aisle.

An anonymous wedding guest has claimed the so-called “Karen” began “purposefully” firing up her lawnmower as the bride’s song started to play, in an attempt to ruin the wedding, and continued mowing away throughout the duration of the ceremony.

According to the guest, they did try and ask her to stop, but she “was not kind” in return, completely ignoring their pleas. The noise was so intrusive that she and other guests couldn’t even hear the couple’s vows being exchanged.

Sharing the footage on TikTok, the guest – who goes by the username @vampyyric – remarked “some people are just so miserable”, clarifying to followers that “nobody had been horrible to her.”

She also claims that the unnamed woman yelled at them at some point, adding, “she’s not a friendly person at all”.

Footage of the wedding has since gone viral, and the sound of the mower can be heard blaring throughout. The video ends with a clip of the neighbour, strimming away noisily without any apparent guilt about the commotion she was creating.

Those who’ve seen the vid have been unable to believe somebody would do such a thing, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong between the neighbours for her to act in such a way.

However, as many have remarked, regardless of whether or not they all get on well, this sort of behaviour would never be acceptable under any circumstances.

One person wrote: “I don’t get how someone could be so spiteful. It’s really sad to watch.”

Another said: “I can’t even. And the woman looked over several times at the wedding – she knew what she was doing!”

Some have advised the newlyweds to take revenge by loudly blaring Slipknot or taking up drumming lessons, while others have urged them to rise above her level.

Looking on the bright side, a number of people also remarked on how beautiful the wedding still looked, regardless of the unpleasant disturbances.

A third person commented: “Hope you had a huge celebration and blasted the tunes to the wee hours. Congrats beautiful bride.”