Woman shares ‘awkward’ text messages driving instructor sent before her test

Learning to drive can be super stressful – and it can be made even worse if your driving instructor isn’t creating the best environment for you.

One woman has claimed to have been put in a very ‘awkward’ situation with her instructor, as he started sending her inappropriate texts – despite him being married.

Rachel McKinley alleges she received multiple texts from her driving tutor sharing screenshots of some of them in a recent TikTok video.

“Things my driving instructor said to me”, she titled the video.

One message saw the unnamed man call the 19-year-old “foxy”, while in another he asked her to “entertain me.”

He also made a lewd reference to Rachel doing “a quickie” after she asked for a shorter lesson and requested that they “cheer each other up” when they were both feeling low.

Other messages show the man asking Rachel about a “booty call”, suggesting she buy him something for his birthday and telling her that she “owes” him a drink.

He then followed up with “have I said something wrong” when she chose not to reply to his advances.

He later insisted that he was ‘joking’, before calling himself a ‘tt’, writing: “I feel like I made a proper tt of myself earlier asking you.”

Rachel claims he sent the last message after asking her on a date and being rejected.

She adds that she “was not leading him on”, and just replying to try and make the situation less “awkward” as she couldn’t get another instructor to help before her test.

Many people were appalled by the messages and shared their own similar experiences.

One person replied: “I am so glad I have a female instructor.”

Another said: “I’m actually amazed at how many driving instructors do this… mine was the exact same.”

A third wrote: “It’s obvious she’s not interested and he’s carrying on like she is.”

Someone else added: “Omg this happened to me. So awkward.”