Woman’s fury after mum criticises job promotion as she thinks ‘men will like her less’

An anonymous woman who recently got promoted at her job has been left furious after her mum tried to suggest that having a better job will make it harder for her to “get married “.

The woman took to Reddit to vent her frustrations after the conversation, as she said that while her dad was “over the moon” to hear about her new position – which comes with better pay – her mum was less than thrilled, as she seems to believe it will make her “less attractive” to potential dates.

In her post, the woman also said she’s eager to find someone to settle down with soon, and although she knows that her job should never be tied to her relationship in that way, her mum’s words are playing on her mind.

She titled her post: “I recently got promoted and my mum reckons that guys will like me even less now.”

And she also added: “I recently got a promotion, better job title, better pay. I told my dad and he was over the moon, said he was proud of me. My mum, on the other hand, said ‘how are you going to get married now?’.

“I think she’s scared that guys will find me less attractive because they can’t compete or have to earn just as much, or I’d have to look at marrying someone older who’s doing quite well with their career. I don’t even know at this point.

“My mum, along with my extended family, have tried to set me up on dates with boys in our local area but none of them have really caught my eye.

“I want to be married by next year but now I feel like this promotion will set me back and/or add another layer of ‘complexity’. My mind is a mess, but maybe I’m overthinking.”

Commenters on the post were quick to reassure the woman that there are plenty of men who won’t be “intimidated” by her job title, with many of them saying that if someone doesn’t like the fact that she was promoted, then they probably aren’t someone she wants to date anyway.

One person said: “There are plenty of men who have secure masculinity and aren’t intimidated by their partner making more money than them. You don’t want to marry a man that is intimidated by a successful woman. It’s your life and who cares, you are doing what is best for you.”

While another added: “Your success should be celebrated! And any man intimidated by your success isn’t worth your time in the first place.”

And a third wrote: “You are not overthinking, you are probably dumbfounded. Who thinks that way? Be proud of yourself and enjoy your success. A good man will accept you the way you are and what you bring to the table.”